n. (Botany) stamens in a single flower collectively

English contemporary dictionary. 2014.

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  • androecium — noun (plural androecia) Etymology: New Latin, from andr + Greek oikion, diminutive of oikos house more at vicinity Date: circa 1839 the aggregate of stamens in the flower of a seed plant …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • Monoicous — Not to be confused with Monoecious. Monoicous is a botanical term used to describe plants which bear both sperm and eggs on the same gametophyte. Dioicous is the complementary term describing species in which gametophytes produce only sperm or… …   Wikipedia

  • androecium — androecial /an dree sheuhl/, adj. /an dree shee euhm/, n., pl. androecia / shee euh/. Bot. the stamens of a flower collectively. [1830 40; < NL < Gk andr ANDR + oikíon, dim. of oîkos house] * * * …   Universalium

  • Chironieae —   Chironieae Gen …   Wikipedia Español

  • androecium — [an dri:sɪəm] noun (plural androecia sɪə) Botany the stamens of a flower collectively. Origin C19: mod. L., from andro + oikion house …   English new terms dictionary

  • androecium — /ænˈdrisiəm/ (say an dreeseeuhm) noun (plural androecia /ænˈdrisiə/ (say an dreeseeuh)) the stamens of a flower collectively. {New Latin, from Greek andr andr + oikion house} –androecial, adjective …  

  • androecium — [an drē′shē əm, an drē′sē əm] n. pl. androecia [an drē′shē ə, an′drəsē ə] [ModL < ANDRO + Gr oikos, house: see ECONOMY] Bot. the stamens and the parts belonging to them, collectively; all the microsporophylls of a flower …   English World dictionary

  • androecium — n. (pl. androecia) Bot. the stamens taken collectively. Etymology: mod.L f. Gk andro male + oikion house …   Useful english dictionary

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